The I Am The Cavalry initiative and those who participate have gone beyond awareness and toward action in the past year.
Submit a speaking proposal to lead a session in the RSAC Sandbox 2022
Supply Chain Sandbox speaking proposals for RSA Conference 2022 at due Oct. 8.
Two men in masks stand behind a podium and in front of a banner background with the NASS logo. Another man stands to the side as they speak to a group.
The National Association of Secretaries of State summer conference brought together the security research community and government leaders.
Josh Corman
I Am The Cavalry Co-Founder Josh Corman kicked off day one of the 3rd Annual National Cybersecurity Summit, hosted by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).
Josh Corman GrimmCon presentation preview slide
I Am The Cavalry co-founder Josh Corman gave a powerful talk at GRIMMCon 0x2 on empowering members of the cybersecurity community to overcome imposter syndrome, avoid the burnout cycle, and bring empathy to the job.
CTI League
I Am The Cavalry member Beau Woods delivered a presentation on "Hacker Volunteerism" during the CTI League Hackathon. The talk highlighted the Cavalry's mission to address the security of connected technology that impacts human life, public safety, and national security.
hand with wrench comes out of laptop
At Shmoocon 2020, I Am The Cavalry co-founder Josh Corman and contributor Audie discussed the software bill of materials (SBOM) concept and how it can improve security for healthcare.
At RSA 2020, InSecurity host Matt Stephenson caught up with I Am The Cavalry co-founder Josh Corman to talk about the root cause of the burnout many practitioners and employees in the security industry are currently experiencing.
The Cavalry rides again to Derbycon – a meeting of the horsemen, if you will! The […]
If you were in Las Vegas last week, you were no doubt there for some combination […]