The Cavalry rides again to Derbycon – a meeting of the horsemen, if you will! The organizers have again seen fit to offer us space for the weekend so we can congregate. Two years ago we held the first Hacker Constitutional Congress at Derbycon which helped solidify the vision, mission, and areas of focus. This year we will provide insight into what we’ve learned, as well as workshops so you can learn along with us.

Friday, September 25, 2015
12.00-12.30 | Introduction and Overview | Beau Woods and Katie Moussouris
We will provide a brief overview of I Am The Cavalry, as well as outline the weekend’s activities. Participants who have yet to be introduced to the initiative will be; those who are familiar will be updated on activities and progress over the last year. Even if you miss this first session, you can join for any of the others.

12.30-1.00 | Automotive Overview and Update | Craig Smith
Overview of the Automotive space and update from the past year. This will be a revealing talk where we can give more details of what has been happening around the automotive industry, how the security community has engaged, and what the road ahead looks like.

1.00-2.00 | Automotive Q&A, and Gaming Demo | Craig Smith
Craig Smith will lead a technical discussion and answer questions about automotive security research. For instance: What is the CANBus, how do you tap into it, and how do you decode its protocol? What’s the product development lifecycle, how does the supply chain fit into that, and why does that make it hard to get vulnerabilities fixed? Craig will also demonstrate a game where you race around a virtual track by sending hacked messages to the engine control units, steering, and other car computer components!

2.00-3.30 | Legislative Overview | Jen Ellis and Bekah Brown
Overview of the legislative landscape, and how it affects the stakeholders in the various ecosystems. Be ready to learn to hear the legislative vernacular – that means “cyber” – and learn why you should care about what is going on inside the beltway.

3.30-4.00 | Medical Device Overview and Update | Jay Radcliffe
Overview of the Medical Device space and update from the past year. This will be a revealing talk where we can give more details of what has been happening around the healthcare and medical device ecosystem, how the security community has engaged, and what the road ahead looks like.

4.00-5.00 | An Hour with a Medical Device Researcher | Jay Radcliffe
Curious to how research gets done and the process that occurs? Have you always wanted to ask a researcher why it takes so long to get research done? Here’s your chance! Jay Radcliffe, a medical device security researcher will be on hand to talk about some of the process he takes when doing research on IoT/Medical Equipment. He’ll also field questions from the audience on how research is done so you can go out and advance your skill set to the next level.

Saturday, September 26, 2015
10.00-12.00 | Effective Communications | Beau Woods and Adam Brand
Workshop: Beau and Adam will provide coaching to help improve communications outside the echo chamber. You’ll learn why and how to communicate with others, as a dependency for your career as well as creating change in the world. Exercises cultivate empathy, understanding, and self-reflection to empower you to improve.

12.00-1.00 Lunch

1.00-4.00 | Media Training Workshop | Jen Ellis and Steve Ragan
Free, professional media training. Jen and Steve will help you understand why and how to engage the Media API, and inject technically literate information into the press without getting misquoted. Understand the journalist’s perspective so you don’t end up on the wrong side of an interview. Live fire exercises build muscles needed to stay calm, stay on point, and be a voice of reason to the world.

There will also be several talks that look to be closely related. A few of these are listed below:
Friday, September 25, 2015
12.00-12.50 | APT Cyber Cloud of the Internet of Things | Joey Maresca (@l0stkn0wledge)
3.00-3.50 | Current Trends in Computer Law | Matthew Perry

Saturday, September 26, 2015
12.00-12.50 | Security Hopscotch | Chris Roberts
4.30-4.55 | Latest Tools in Automotive Hacking | Craig Smith
4.00-4.50 | Medical Devices: Pwnage and Honeypots | Scott Erven “windshield wipers” and Mark Collao

Sunday, September 27, 2015
11.00-11.50 | Disecting Wassenaar | Tyler Pitchford
11.00-11.50 | Practical hardware attacks against SOHO Routers & the Internet of Things | Chase Schultz “f47h3r”

We hope to see you there!