I Am The Cavalry members work across a broad range of issues where bits and bytes meet flesh and blood.


In recent years, the healthcare industry has adopted connected technologies to more rapidly deploy next-generation medical devices to improve patient outcomes. Over half of the medical devices marketed today operate on software  including implantable units, diagnostic machines, and monitoring equipment.


Our cars are increasingly incorporating digital technologies and ubiquitous communication for both safety and convenience. Automatic parking assist, adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, stolen vehicle shutdown, remote emergency response, and other features make driving easier and safer.


Smart home trends are driving more digital technology into the devices around us. Our appliances, environmental controls, security systems, and door locks are all using computing and connectivity to bring more capability and control to our fingertips.


The national and global infrastructure are being transformed by so-called “smart” technologies which allow our society to be more agile, responsive, and efficient. This interconnectedness is incredibly powerful despite the systemic risk of collapse or manipulation that it introduces.