As cyber safety continues to gain importance across various domains, several groups and events are connecting and convening stakeholders to collaborate and works towards I Am The Cavalry’s “Safer, sooner, together” mission. I Am The Cavalry actively participates, coordinates, and tracks many of theses groups and events.

I Am The Cavalry brings together leaders in ICS security for a narrative-driven discussion about how IOT, Industrial IoT, and Public Infrastructure security decisions of 2020 will shape resiliency and vulnerability throughout the next decade.
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From Security Boulevard: At Shmoocon 2020, I Am The Cavalry Co-Founder Josh Corman and contributor Audie discussed the software bill of materials (SBOM) concept and how it can improve security for healthcare.
I Am The Cavalry hosted a diverse group of cyber professionals from across the country at “Hackers on the Hill” last week. The event was held in the U.S. Capitol and aimed to bridge the gap between hackers, industry experts, and the public policy community.
The Cavalry rides again to Derbycon – a meeting of the horsemen, if you will! The organizers have again seen fit to offer us space for the weekend so we can congregate. Two years ago we held the first Hacker Constitutional Congress at Derbycon which helped […]