As cyber safety continues to gain importance across various domains, several groups and events are connecting and convening stakeholders to collaborate and works towards I Am The Cavalry’s “Safer, sooner, together” mission. I Am The Cavalry actively participates, coordinates, and tracks many of theses groups and events.

Policymakers in Washington play a critical role in shaping the country’s cybersecurity policies. To effectively address the ever-evolving security threats facing the nation, we believe they should work together with technical practitioners and cybersecurity researchers. I Am The Cavalry hosted a group of cybersecurity professionals and […]
A group of 40 security professionals poses in the U.S. Capitol before leaving for briefings with congressional offices.
I Am The Cavalry hosted more than 40 security leaders for Hackers on the Hill 2022.
The I Am The Cavalry initiative and those who participate have gone beyond awareness and toward action in the past year.