Our cars are increasingly incorporating digital technologies and ubiquitous communication for both safety and convenience. Automatic parking assist, adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance, stolen vehicle shutdown, remote emergency response, and other features make driving easier and safer.

Unfortunately, capabilities like these can malfunction or be abused, potentially putting drivers at risk of lost control of their vehicles or lost privacy through remote monitoring of location and conversations.

I Am The Calvary produced a Five Star Automotive Cyber Safety Program framework with guidelines for how automakers can responsibly provide these new features in their vehicles while also ensuring the highest safety and privacy standards for consumers.

For more information, contact autosafety [at] iamthecavalry.org.

Known Transportation Disclosure Programs

TESLA |  General Motors |  Fiat Chrysler Automobiles |  Toyota |  PTC |  BMW |  Bosch |  Mercedes ( Daimler) |  Audi

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