If you were in Las Vegas last week, you were no doubt there for some combination of BSides Las Vegas, Black Hat, or DEF CON. These three conferences measure the pulse of the information security community and industry. Thanks again to the great support from the BSides Las Vegas team, I Am The Cavalry had a day of sessions at the event. As is always the case, Irongeek has posted them faster than anyone would have thought possible.

To kick off the day, we had Beau Woods, Josh Corman, and Nick Percoco giving an overview of the initiative and the day’s activities. There was a special guest during the talk: Hannes Molsen of the medical device maker Draeger announced a commitment to publishing a vulnerability disclosure program, and commented that researchers are key allies to his company and others.

The second talk of the day was delivered by Keren Elazari. As was true last year, she inspired the audience to tackle the big problems, fueled by the small ones – bits controlling atoms. We must start prioritizing control, trust, and safety over privacy and secrets. With effort, we can manually override our own inhibitions and make a difference. Superheroes without the masks.


The third session was a panel discussion with Tim Krabec moderating, Chris Nickerson, Beau Woods, and Tod Beardsley. Special guests Wim Remes, Keren Elazari, and the entire room were brought into it, as we learned how to lead in a “do”ocracy. Taking on a problem and pursuing it – working towards a solution, not just fluttering by the problem.

After lunch, Beau Woods and Scott Erven gave an overview of the last 12 months in the medical device security space. Special guest Suzanne Schwartz from the FDA joined to recap what she and her agency have done, and why they believe researchers are a valuable part of a healthy medical ecosystem…and hinted that maybe the FDA will come to “summer camp” next year. Beau and Scott also covered a lot of the current and future activities. (Slides for the talk are here.)

The final session of the day was Josh Corman, covering the very busy past 12 months in automotive cyber safety. This included the initial launch of our Five Star Cyber Safety Framework, reaction from the various industry stakeholders, and some of the activities that have gone on. Josh also talked about some of the current events going on like the high-profile talks across town at Black Hat and DEF CON.