Secure home illustration

From Stacey on IoT:

I Am The Cavalry’s Beau Woods spoke with Stacey on IoT about UL’s IoT device security certification program. 

Beau Woods, a cybersecurity expert and advocate with I Am The Cavalry, says that it’s good to see companies like GE Appliance using the UL certification because it shows that they are thinking about security. But he does wish the lowest UL certification had more security elements to it.

“I think there are some good things in bronze, but I think there should be a lot more in bronze,” he says. For example, he thinks having a vulnerability disclosure program is essential for any connected product, and to really do that well a company should have a software bill of materials so they know what’s in their product that might be vulnerable.

“Secure Home (pt. 1)” by Ren Wang is licensed under CC BY 4.0