Improved IoT Security Starts with Liability for Companies, Not Just Legislation
I believe that in theory, legislation could help with IoT security. However, laws regulating new technologies are often poorly crafted, and can significantly hamper innovation with little benefit. It is critical that any new laws be written with great deliberation and input from all stakeholders.

How can a vulnerability in Ruggedcom switches be mitigated?
Vulnerabilities in Ruggedcom switches could open the industrial switches and other communication devices up to attacks. Expert Judith Myerson explains how to mitigate the risks

Triton framework used in industrial control attacks
Security researchers discovered new ICS attacks using the Triton framework that may have been nation-state-sponsored and intended to cause real-world damage

The time to deal with IoT security is now
In most cases, I try to turn a skeptical eye on hyperbole. So when a cybersecurity expert tells me that IoT security is a “ticking time bomb,” my initial reaction is not to worry about an upcoming “security apocalypse.”

DOJ Arrests Hackers Who Took Over DC Surveillance Cameras
The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) announced that, in coordination with the Romanian National Police and other EU and U.S. law enforcement agencies, it arrested two Romanians who hacked into 123 surveillance cameras belonging to the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) in Washington DC.,36198.html