Our smart future and the threat of cyber-kinetic attacks
Cyber attacks occur daily around the world. Only when one achieves sufficient scope to grab the attention of the news media – such as the WannaCry ransomware attacks of early 2017 – does the public get a brief glimpse of how widespread vulnerabilities are. Those of us who are actively involved in strengthening cybersecurity see the full scope of the problem every day

Our smart future and the threat of cyber-kinetic attacks

TRITON Malware Targeting Critical Infrastructure Could Cause Physical Damage
Dubbed Triton, also known as Trisis, the ICS malware has been designed to target Triconex Safety Instrumented System (SIS) controllers made by Schneider Electric—an autonomous control system that independently monitors the performance of critical systems and takes immediate actions automatically, if a dangerous state is detected

New “Triton” ICS Malware Used in Critical Infrastructure Attack
A new piece of malware designed to target industrial control systems (ICS) has been used in an attack aimed at a critical infrastructure organization, FireEye reported on Thursday. Experts believe the attack was launched by a state-sponsored actor whose goal may have been to cause physical damage.

Since Stuxnet first targeted and destroyed uranium enrichment centrifuges in Iran last decade, the cybersecurity world has waited for the next step in that digital arms race: Another piece of malicious software designed specifically to enable the damage or destruction of industrial equipment.

Game-changing attack on critical infrastructure site causes outage
Mandiant recently responded to an incident at a critical infrastructure organization where an attacker deployed malware designed to manipulate industrial safety systems

Whitepaper: Top 20 cyber attacks on ICS
The technique for evaluating the risk of cyber-sabotage of industrial processes are well understood by those skilled in the art. Essentially, such risk assessments evaluate a typically large inventory of possible cyber attacks against the cyber-physical system in question, and render a verdict

Whitepaper: Top 20 cyber attacks on ICS

Xage emerges from stealth with a blockchain-based IoT security solution
The company also announced that Duncan Greatwood has joined the company as CEO. Greatwood is an experienced entrepreneur, who sold Topsy to Apple in 2013 and PostPath to Cisco in 2008. These exits have given him the freedom to pick and choose the projects he wants to work on, and he liked what he saw at Xage from a technology perspective

Xage emerges from stealth with a blockchain-based IoT security solution