I Am The Cavalry member Beau Woods signed EFF’s Open Letter on Election Security with other cybersecurity leaders, calling for an end to the politicization of election security.
Video screenshot of Marie Moe
I Am The Cavalry's Marie Moe discussed why she hacked her own pacemaker and work by I Am The Cavalry on securing connected medical devices.
I Am The Cavalry’s Josh Corman discussed the cyber threats which have been mounted against the healthcare sector and how the threats have only gotten worse in the age of COVID-19.
I Am The Cavalry’s co-founder Josh Corman’s involvement with CISA's defense of the medical industry from ransomware attacks was mentioned in a CyberScoop article regarding rising concerns over ransomware attacks against US hospital networks.
I Am The Cavalry’s Josh Corman discussed the threat landscape for the healthcare industry in the age of COVID-19 as well as prior to the pandemic.
I Am The Cavalry’s Beau Woods joined the InfoSecurity Podcast for a special edition episode to discuss Cybersecurity Awareness Month.
I Am the Cavalry’s Josh Corman discussed some of the essential cybersecurity measures to take during the pandemic.
I Am The Cavalry’s Josh Corman participated in a Q&A where he talked about the need to focus on threat modeling and stronger disaster recovery for cybersecurity in the healthcare sector.
I Am The Cavalry's Beau Woods was a featured cybersecurity expert in a discussion on possible sectors which are soon to be favorite targets by hackers.
I Am The Cavalry co-founder Josh Corman spoke to Nextgov about what the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is working on to ensure better cybersecurity in the health sector.