From Threatpost

I Am The Cavalry’s Beau Woods joined Threatpost for conversation on cybersecurity challenges for hospitals during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’d say the predominant issue facing healthcare right now is ransomware. Ransomware continues to be a leading thorn in the side of care delivery, being able to deliver care to patients. ransomware comes in and shuts down clinical operations, it can cause patient care to go on divert, which is where they basically send ambulances to other hospitals, or even cause hospitals to move patients to another facility that’s not impacted by ransomware. Doctors, nurses, clinicians, and hospital administration rely on electronic health record systems, they rely on medical devices, particularly radiology devices –  X-Rays, MRIs, those types of things. And ransomware takes this all offline for an hour in some cases, where they can get up and run very quickly, to several weeks, in other cases where they’re down, and they’re not able to treat patients the way that they would be able to ordinarily.”