From Nextgov:

I Am The Cavalry co-founder Josh Corman spoke to Nextgov about what the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) is working on to ensure better cybersecurity in the health sector.

He highlighted the pressing need for organizations to remain diligent when it comes to cyber hygiene in the industry. 

“The need is more important than it ever has been and we want to cause and enable those hard risk management trade off decisions with you and your executive staff and we’re going to be increasingly publishing things now in light of… new attacks occurring in the U.S. in real time as we speak.”


“It’s really incredibly important that we patch at least the [vulnerabilities] that CISA and the government put their weight behind. There have been some very exploitable and actively exploited vulnerabilities and when we stick our head above the parapet, please pay attention because we’re trying to help you.”