Josh Corman

From Politico:

I Am The Cavalry co-founder Josh Corman spoke to Politico ahead of the third annual CISA National Cybersecurity Summit kickoff.

“We need as diverse a set of backgrounds, skills and personalities as humanly possible to make sure we leave no stone unturned,” Corman told MC. “Conventional thinking is not going to get us there.”


That Corman — who specializes in health care cybersecurity as a founder of the grassroots hacker organization I Am the Cavalry — is speaking first signals the dedication the conference will have to that issue, he said. He’ll talk about the “circumstances and gravity of the Covid crisis and the role that cyber plays in subordination of that.” There had been plenty of “wakeup calls” on health care cybersecurity before, Corman said, like the 2017 WannaCry cyberattack hampering the U.K. National Health Service or the NotPetya attack costing pharma giant Merck more than $1 billion in damages.


Whereas once he said, “the cavalry isn’t coming,” Corman now believes “the cavalry is forming.”