Upstream Security raises $30 million to protect connected cars from cyberattacks
Upstream Security, a cloud-based cybersecurity platform for connected cars, has raised $30 million in a series B round of funding led by Alliance Ventures, an automotive alliance constituting Renault, Mitsubishi, and Nissan. Volvo Group, Hyundai, CRV, Glilot Capital, Maniv Mobility, and Nationwide also participated in the round.

Outdated OSs Still Present in Many Industrial Organizations
The company’s 2020 Global IoT/ICS Risk Report is based on data passively collected by CyberX from over 1,800 networks around the world between October 2018 and October 2019. It’s worth mentioning that the previous annual risk report from CyberX was based on information from roughly 850 networks

Japanese hotel chain sorry that hackers may have watched guests through bedside robots
Japanese hotel chain HIS Group has apologised for ignoring warnings that its in-room robots were hackable to allow pervs to remotely view video footage from the devices.

Some ICS Security Incidents Resulted in Injury, Loss of Life
CS2AI is a non-profit organization focused on the growth and expansion of networking opportunities and professional development of everyone involved in the field of control systems cybersecurity. The organization, which currently has over 16,000 members worldwide, is conducting a yearly analysis of the state of ICS cybersecurity through a survey that aims to help answer key questions on how critical systems can be best protected.

The Threat to SoHo IoT Devices is Growing Rapidly
A network of 50 honeypots deployed around the world has been catching and monitoring attacks against IoT devices. Such detected attacks have increased almost nine-fold between H1 2018 and H1 2019, from 12 million to 105 million. During the same period, the number of unique attacking IP addresses increased from 69,000 to 276,000.

Integrating security into IoT projects is not easy, but it’s increasingly urgent
Much of that data will be sensitive, whether about an individual’s privacy or confidential business information. As such, it presents a lucrative opportunity for threat actors, as data has become a highly commoditized asset in modern societies.

Integrating security into IoT projects is not easy, but it’s increasingly urgent