Securing a Connected Future: 5G and IoT Security
Already available in some cities, 5G is ushering in an entirely new set of standards for global wireless communications. As the IoT-era continues to come into its own, businesses developing automotive, healthcare, industrial, energy and other IoT applications are planning with 5G in mind for a lot of reasons

Russian Hackers Behind Ukraine Power Outage May Have Sought More Damage
The Russia-linked hackers who triggered a power outage in Ukraine back in 2016 may have hoped to cause much more damage, according to a report published recently by U.S.-based industrial cybersecurity firm Dragos

To secure industrial IoT, use segmentation instead of firewalls
Firewalls have been the de facto standard for securing internal devices for years, but the industrial internet of things (IIoT) will change that.

IIoT security challenges: Dealing with cutting edge technologies
Dr. Jesus Molina is the Director of Business Development at Waterfall Security Solutions, and in this interview with Help Net Security he talks about the security issues related to emerging technologies

IIoT security challenges: Dealing with cutting edge technologies

Designing IoT security: Experts warn against cutting corners
Security, though costly, is essential for IoT devices; a single breach can destroy a company’s reputation. IoT security by design can avoid devastating incidents

Siemens Issues Advisories for DejaBlue, SACK Panic Vulnerabilities
Siemens says the DejaBlue flaws impact some of its Aptio, Atellica, CentraLink, Iontris, MAGNETOM, MagicLinkA, MagicView, Medicalis, Screening Navigator, Somatom, syngo and Teamplay products. For many of these products Siemens recommends installing the patches from Microsoft, but for others the company is working on providing its own fixes

Cyberattack Disrupted Firewalls at U.S. Power Utility
A denial-of-service (DoS) attack that caused disruptions at a power utility in the United States earlier this year exploited a known vulnerability in a firewall used by the affected organization.