Adwind Spyware-as-a-Service Attacks Utility Grid Operators
Critical infrastructure facilities are high-risk targets, and the fact that Adwind is available as a paid service is very concerning

Adwind Spyware-as-a-Service Attacks Utility Grid Operators

New Tool From Cisco Hunts Flaws in Automotive Computers
Access to the vehicle computer, Cisco notes, is possible via Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cellular communication protocols, but the backbone of a vehicle’s network is a Controller Area Network

Top 5 IoT networking security mistakes
IT supplier Brother International shares five of the most common internet-of-things security errors it sees among buyers of its printers and multi-function devices

Securing IoT involves developers, manufacturers and end users alike
Who’s to blame for the IoT security problem: manufacturers creating devices, end user deploying them or governments not creating legislation enforcing security measures?