Georgia State Patrol hit with ransomware attack
A week ago Lawrenceville Police department was targeted by hackers in a cyber attack. As a result of ransomware found on the precinct’s system, police were unable to utilize email and other digital forms of communications, as well as access digital reports.

Ransomware Causes Disruptions at Johannesburg Power Company
The electricity provider and local authorities informed residents on Twitter that a “ransomware virus” encrypted all its databases and applications, and impacted most of its network

South Africans shivering in the dark after file-scrambling nasty hits Johannesburg power biz
That infection basically prevents pre-paid customers from refilling their accounts, and therefore leaves them without electricity if their account balance falls too low

How IoT Opens the Door for Insider Attacks Against Industrial Infrastructure
For manufacturers, improving security often means building better defenses against malware, botnets and other external threats. What may be further from their minds, however, are the threats that come from within the organization

Boost Infrastructure Immunity Against the Ransomware Epidemic
Despite the recent incidents at the City of Baltimore, aluminum giant Norsk Hydro, and ASCO Industries, ransomware attacks have declined in both 2018 and 2019. Researchers report that only four percent of organizations worldwide experienced ransomware infection in 2018 — that’s a 44 percent drop compared to 2017