Ukraine Power Distro Plans $20 Million Cyber Defense System
After NotPetya and severe blackouts, Ukrenergo responds with an investment in cybersecurity$20-million-cyber-defense-system/d/d-id/1330994

When crypto-mining malware hits a SCADA network
Stealthy crypto-mining is on track to surpass ransomware as cybercriminals’ most favorite money-making option, and companies with computers and servers that run all day and night long are the preferred targets

When crypto-mining malware hits a SCADA network

Water Utility Infected by Cryptocurrency Mining Software
A water utility in Europe has been infected by cryptocurrency mining software. This is a relatively new attack: hackers compromise computers and force them to mine cryptocurrency for them. This is the first time I’ve seen it infect SCADA systems, though

Tips for securing IoT on your network
As internet of things devices proliferate, it’s more important to discover how many and what kind are on your network and figure out how to make them secure. Here’s how

Tennessee Hospital Hit With Cryptocurrency Mining Malware
Decatur County General Hospital (DCGH) in Parsons, Tennessee, recently discovered cryptocurrency mining malware on its its Electronic Medical Record (EMR) server. The hospital began informing 24,000 patients of the attack on January 26