The Silicon Valley convergence of hackers, researchers, consultants, vendors, press and others is nearly upon us. The annual BSidesSF and RSA Conference have returned to the Bay Area, hosted again in San Francisco. These events see some of the most original content presented to some of the largest crowds of the year. Much of the content will be relevant to I Am The Cavalry topics. Listed here is a sample of IATC relevant sessions to help you plan your time at these events. For quick reference, you can also add them to your calendar.


BSidesSF: April 19 – 20, 2015

[table]Date, Time, Location, Title, Who

4/19, 17:00, OpenDNS, Medical Devices Security – From Detection to Compromise, Adam Brand & Scott Erven



RSA Conference: April 20- 24, 2015

[table]Date, Time, Location, Title, Who

4/21, 13:10, North:  Room The Sandbox at 134, Open Garages – Learn How Technology Drives Your Car, Craig Smith

4/21, 14:20, West:  Room 2007, I Was Attacked by My Power Supply: A Mock Trial, Steven Teppler

4/21, 15:30, West:  Room 3022, Home Sweet Owned? – A Look at the Security of IoT Devices in Our Homes, Billy Rios

4/21, 16:40, West:  Room 3004, Securing the Internet of Things: Mapping IoT Attack Surface Areas with the OWASP IoT Top 10 Project, Daniel Miessler

4/22, 09:10, West:  Room 3022, Protecting Critical Infrastructure Is Critical, Robert Hinden

4/22, 10:20, West:  Room 3018, How Vulnerable Are Our Homes? – The Story of How My Home Got Hacked, David Jacoby

4/22, 11:30, West:  Room 3022, Don’t Touch That Dial: How Smart Thermostats Have Made Us Vulnerable, Ray Potter

4/22, 11:30, West:  Room 3018, Tools of the Hardware Hacking Trade, Joe Grand

4/23, 09:10, West:  Room 3010, The Evolution of Threats Targeting Industrial Control Systems, Frank Marcus

4/23, 09:10, West:  Room 2002, Use of Technology in Preserving and Protecting Humanity, “Davi Ottenheimer, Alex Stamos, Beau Woods, Bruce Schneier, & Morgan Marquis-Boire”

4/23, 10:20, South:  Room Viewing Point at Gateway, CyberLegislation is Upon Us…But Are We Ready?, Joshua Corman

4/24, 09:00, West:  Room 2002, Cyber Security and Aviation, Erroll Southers & Lawrence Dietz

4/24, 09:00, West:  Room 2006, IoT: When Things Crawl into Your Corporate Network, Sam Curry & Uri Rivner

4/24, 11:20, West:  Room 2018, Medical Device Security: Assessing and Managing Product Security Risk, John Lu & Russell Jones

4/24, 12:30, West: Room 3022, Security Hopscotch, Chris Roberts