The annual Las Vegas convergence of hackers, researchers, consultants, vendors, press and others is nearly upon us. That’s right it’s time again for BSidesLVBlack Hat USA and DEF CON. This trilogy of events sees some of the most original content presented to some of the largest crowds of the year. This year much of that content will be relavent to I Am The Cavalry topics. We have more detail on the day of I Am The Cavalry sessions at BSidesLV.

BSidesLV: August 5th-6th


8/5,15:00,Common,Vulnerability Assessments on SCADA: How I ‘owned’ the Power Grid,Fadli B. Sidek

8/5,18:00,Proving,Back Dooring the Digital Home,David Lister

8/6,10:00,IATC,Introduction and Overview – I Am The Cavalry and Empowering Researchers,

8/6,11:00,IATC,Problem Space Overview,

8/6,12:00-18:00,IATC,”Building Skills, Understanding and Influencing People”,

8/6,12:00-18:00,TBA,Drop-In Sessions,


Black Hat: August 6th-7th


8/6,11:45,Lag K,Survey of Remote Automotive Attack Surfaces,Charlie Miller & Chris Valasek

8/6,14:15,Palm A,”Embedded Devices Roundtable: Embedding the Modern World, Where Do We Go From Here?”,Don Bailey & Zach Lanier

8/6,15:30,SS CD,Why Control System Cyber-Security Sucks…,Dr. Stefan Lders

8/6,17:00,Palm A,Responsible Disclosure Roundtable: You Mad Bro?,Trey Ford

8/6,17:00,Lag K,Breaking the Security of Physical Devices,Silvio Cesare

8/6,17:00,MB D,Learn How to Control Every Room at a Luxury Hotel Remotely: The Dangers of Insecure Home Automation Deployment,Jesus Molina

8/7,10:15,Palm A,Medical Devices Roundtable: Is There A Doctor In The House? Security and Privacy in the Medical World,Jay Radcliffe

8/7,11:45,MB D,Smart Nest Thermostat: A Smart Spy in Your Home,”Yier Jin, Grant Hernandez & Daniel Buentello”

8/7,14:15,SS E,”Home Insecurity: No Alarms, False Alarms, and SIGINT”,Logan Lamb [/table]

DEF CON: August 7th-10th


8/8,13:00,P & T,”Hacking US (and UK, Australia, France, etc.) traffic control systems”,Cesar Cerrudo

8/9,10:00,T 2,”Hacking 911: Adventures in Disruption, Destruction, and Death”,”Christian Dameff, Jeff Tully & Peter Hefley”

8/9,10:00,P & T,The Cavalry Year[0] & a Path Forward for Public Safety,Josh Corman & Nick Percoco

8/9,10:00,T 1,Hack All The Things: 20 Devices in 45 Minutes,”CJ Heres, Amir Etemadieh, Khoa Hoang & Mike Baker”

8/9,11:00,T 1,The Internet of Fails: Where IoT Has Gone Wrong and How We’re Making It Right ,Mark Stanislav & Zach Lanier

8/9,12:00,101,How to Disclose an Exploit Without Getting in Trouble,Jim Denaro & Tod Beardsley

8/9,12:00,T 1,”Home Insecurity: No Alarms, False Alarms, and SIGINT”,Logan Lamb

8/9,12:00,T 2,Cyberhijacking Airplanes: Truth or Fiction?,Dr. Phil Polstra & Captain Polly

8/9,13:00,T 2,Just what the Doctor Ordered?,Scott Erven & Shawn Merdinger

8/9,15:00,T 1,A Survey of Remote Automotive Attack Surfaces ,Charlie Miller & Chris Valasek

8/9,16:00,T 1,Learn How to Control Every Room at a Luxury Hotel Remotely: The Dangers of Insecure Home Automation Deployment,Jesus Molina

8/9,17:00,T 1,Attacking the Internet of Things using Time,Paul McMillan

8/10,11:00,T 2,Optical Surgery; Implanting a DropCam,Patrick Wardle & Colby Moore

8/10,13:00,T 1,Playing with Car Firmware or How to Brick your Car,Paul Such & Agix

8/10,15:00,T 1,Elevator Hacking – From the Pit to the Penthouse,Deviant Ollam & Howard Payne [/table]