The first inaugural Security of Things Forum was held May 7th. The forum, organized by The Security Ledger Editor in Chief, Paul Roberts, was keynoted by Dan Geer. Mark Stanislav of Duo Security and, and Josh Corman of Sonatype also spoke at the conference.

CSO Online wrote an article, predominantly driven by Josh’s talk, an updated version of his Swimming with Sharks TEDx presentation.

In the Digital Ocean, predators outnumber protectors

Just because something is scary doesn’t mean it’s a figment of your paranoid imagination…. There is reason to be afraid because the dangers in the digital “ocean” are as real as swimming in a physical ocean of sharks, with blood in the water.

Editor in Chief of IoT World, Rich Quinnell also took the opportunity to write about security of the Internet of Things and introduced his readers to I Am The Cavalry and

Security Cavalry is Coming to the Internet of Things

One of the biggest concerns many people have about the Internet of Things is its security. Each point of connection between our systems and services and the wide area network is a potential point of vulnerability to cyberattack, yet security is at best an afterthought in many IoT designs. Something in the way we handle IoT security has got to change, and that is a key goal for a new grassroots organization [called I Am The Cavalry].

Finally, Channelnomics wrote a detailed account of the forum and the security issues in the Internet of Things. Definitely worth a read.

A Dose of Reality in the Rush to Connect All Our Things

“Security is the absence of unmitigatable surprise,” [keynote speaker Dan] Geer told SECoT attendees. “My design goal is ‘no silent failure’.” It the end, it’s not about raining on the IoT parade, said [Forum organizer Paul] Roberts, but rather moving the conversation into a more prudent and defensible space by bringing the vendors and the often insular communities together.