Current Activity

Circle City Con in Indianapolis invited I Am The Cavalry to keynote their conference as well as facilitate a workshop. You can view the Circle City Con Keynote on Irongeek’s website. The workshop video Executive Management (How to Manage Executives) and Engaging the Media API is also available.


This year’s Vegas conference season should be an exciting one. DEF CON has three of five tracks aligned to core Cavalry areas. And look for some big announcements about how we will be teaming up with BSides LV and DEF CON again this year.

Josh Corman and Nick Percoco will return to DEF CON to present on I Am The Cavalry. This talk will revisit the original premise, provide an update on the year’s activity and capture the direction forward. The talk is called The Cavalry Year[0] & a Path Forward for Public Safety.

Geoff Shively will be moderating a panel at HOPE X with Jen Ellis, Andrea Matwyshyn and Beau Woods, called I Am The Cavalry: Lessons Learned Fuzzing the Chain of Influence.

Also look for some progress on the task of formally organizing as a legal entity. This is most likely to take the form of a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Educational Foundation. We’re doing the required business planning for core activities, funding models, governance, etc.